Brand protection


Protection of the official brands from offenses which the latter experience on the Ukrainian marketas a result of negative impact of “grey” import and counterfeit.


Carrying out lawful measures aimed at:

  • localization of the spread / growth of violating sites and the number of users of these resources;
  • closure of violating sites and / or removal of the Customer’s product positions; removal of commodity positions by price aggregators and / or marketplaces;
  • bringing to justice the Internet resources owners who distribute counterfeit products or products imported into the territory of Ukraine in the order of “black” / “gray” imports;
  • monitoring and cessation of repeated violations.

The struggle is based on the theory of “Broken Windows” by James Wilson and George Kelling, which consists in active legal work with 100% of infringing sites, despite their size, level of security, market share in E-commerce

Guaranteed results

  • Closure of 85% of sites-violators in the pre-trial procedure at the stage of claim work;
  • cessation of activities of productions engaged in the production of counterfeit products.
  • Increasing ROI, ROMI due to the formation of a competitive e-commerce market.
  • Increasing the number of distributors / dealers who want to trade officially and cooperate with companies, officially represent the brand in Ukraine


Carrying out lawful measures aimed at:

  • identification of involved persons in production / sale of counterfeit products or “gray” import;
  • identification of warehouses or productions addresses, and also the main channels of import into the customs territory of Ukraine;
  • determination of branching and level of safety of violators of their productions and warehouses, and also volumes of counterfeit production or gray import;
  • termination of counterfeit production with counterfeit disposal;
  • seizure of illegally imported products from warehouses, as well as closure of import channels for “gray” imports;
  • prosecuting owners and organizers of illegal transactions with “gray” import or counterfeits.

The basis of the fight is a thorough legal investigation; rapid attack and active legal work directly with the organizers and owners of illegal business.

Guaranteed results

  • closing channels of counterfeiting;
  • termination of counterfeiting proceedings. Counterfeit disposal;
  • seizure of illegally imported products from warehouses, as well as the import closure channels for “gray” import;
  • prosecution of owners and organizers of illegal transactions with “gray” imports or counterfeits.


  • Lawyer investigations
  • Extrajudicial termination of the offense
  • Judicial representation
  • Representation within criminal proceedings

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