Labor disputes and conflicts


During employment, misunderstandings may arise between subordinates and management on many issues. Such misunderstandings must be resolved legally.

DEGA PARTNERS lawyers will advise on any situation in employment relationship, professionally and qualitatively prepare the relevant procedural documents and, if necessary, protect your interests as an employee or employer in court.

At the same time, DEGA PARTNERS lawyers will help the employer to prevent labor disputes and conflicts by providing detailed consultations and drafting internal regulations (Regulations, orders, etc.).


  • service by highly qualified lawyers-experts in various law spheres
  • 100% guarantee of timeliness of delivery of ready decisions


Services in the field of labor disputes and conflicts

Comprehensive legal assistance, rights and interest’s protection of employees and employers in labor disputes and conflicts:

  • non-payment or delay of wages payment;
  • wages reduction;
  • dismissal, coercion to dismiss;
  • transfer to another position;
  • occupational injury;
  • violation of labor rights to: vacation, rest, safe working conditions;
  • manifestations of discrimination;
  • disciplinary sanctions;
  • damage recovery caused by employee.

Related services in the field of labor disputes and conflicts

Labor mediation service is a great way to resolve labor disputes quickly, confidentially and without costly and lengthy litigation.

During mediation, the parties to a labor conflict meet in the presence of professional disinterested mediator, in order to find and make decisions based on interests of each party, through negotiations.

Under any circumstances, mediation in labor disputes improves communication between the parties, helps them to be heard.

As a result, mediation solutions are mutually beneficial.