Business legal support


Ongoing legal assistance for companies and organizations constitutes a complex of services for providing legal assistance to our subscribers, i.e. our clients who conclude agreements on legal services subscriptionon the regular base, another words - legal outsourcing.

Legal services subscription helps you always to get the prompt and professional support of DEGA PARTNERS’ lawyers and attorneys to solve current legal issues in your business.


  • incorporation, reorganization and liquidation of business, drafting and maintenance of Shareholders agreement as well as legal help in resolving of corporate disputes;
  • advice on contract law (drafting, analysis, adjustment of any type of agreements, including FEA);
  • analyzing the legislation and providing appropriate advice in a written form on corporate, tax and labor law;
  • representing the Clients’ interests towards their counterparties and state authorities;
  • drafting and implementation for the enterprise of the local regulations and policies (Code of conduct, Compliance policy, Privacy policies and Personal Data Protection policies, Gift and hospitality policies;
  • drafting legal conclusions to identify legal risks and provide appropriate advice to minimize them;
  • Legal Due Diligence;


Within the Service of Ongoing legal assistance DEGA Partners provides the legal support to the enterprise infollowing industries:

  • trade and distribution,
  • E-commerce,
  • agricultural sector,
  • investment,
  • construction and engineering,
  • real estate and energy sector.


  • timely settlement and prevention of legal problems at the company;
  • providing services by highly qualified lawyers and attorneys in various fields of law;
  • providing legal assistance by lawyers of DEGA PARTNERS in the event of investigations at the company;
  • awareness of DEGA PARTNERS’ specialists in the field of company’s activity;
  • possibility to plan the budget of the company on legal services;
  • specially developed means to control the execution of tasks set towards DEGA PARTNERS, as well as the utilization of time spent on their execution allow to make clear and transparent the process of providing this service for the Client.


  • on the basis of monthly fee depending on the required volume of services;
  • provision of services according to client’s requests based on hourly rates of DEGA PARTNERS’ specialists, or payment of fixed project cost (without subscription fee).