Tax practice


The lawyers of the Attorney Association DEGA Partners have a significantly positive experience in protecting your business from unlawful decisions, actions and inaction of tax authorities, as well as many years of successful experience in supporting business in the tax area.

In assisting with tax issues, we take into account the specifics of the sphere of activity and business conduct of each client. In protecting taxpayers, we provide a comprehensive, individual approach to each case.

In tax practise lawyers of Attorney Association DEGA Partners provide the following services:

Tax consulting:

  • Consulting and providing advice on the application of tax legislation in various areas of economic activity.
  • Subscriber legal services for businesses on tax issues.
  • Due diligence on tax issues.
  • Individual tax advice.
  • Preparing responses to inquiries from tax and law enforcement authorities.
  • Legal analysis of the client’s business for the implementation of the BEPS plan.

Legal support in tax audits and representation in tax disputes:

  • Conducting legal analysis before tax audit, preparing for an audit, analyzing the legality of the grounds for conducting an audit.
  • Protecting the interests of the client and providing legal support during tax audits.
  • Representation and protection of clients’ interests in the procedure of administrative appeal against decisions, actions or inaction of tax authorities.
  • Representation of clients’ interests in tax disputes in courts of all instances.
  • Protection of clients’ interests in criminal proceedings in tax crimes.

The lawyers of Attorney Association DEGA Partners have a significantly positive experience in litigation in the following categories of disputes with tax authorities:

  • appealing against tax notifications-decisions, including on the excess of the declared amount of the VAT refund, on the refusal to provide the VAT refund;
  • appealing against tax claims;
  • appealing against a decision on refusal to register tax invoices/calculations of adjustments;
  • appeal against decisions on the seizure of taxpayer’s property;
  • appeal against orders to conduct a tax audit;
  • appeal against other decisions, actions and inaction of the tax authorities.