Family disputes and conflicts


Unfortunately, family life sometimes becomes unbearable. As a result, there are many difficult questions: how to divorce, where and what to live after divorce, how to raise and maintain children. In addition, all these questions are colored by emotions and psychological tension.

In other life situations it is necessary to recognize or challenge paternity, adopt a child or deprive an incompetent parent of parental rights. It is difficult to resolve such issues without timely legal assistance. Don't be helpless!

Our lawyers will advise on any family situation, professionally and qualitatively prepare the relevant procedural documents and, if necessary, protect your interests in court.

We consider the successful completion of a family dispute to be the result of which our client, keeping his nerves and peace of mind, retains (acquires) the maximum possible amount of rights and assets with minimal reasonable expenses.


  • service by highly qualified lawyers-experts in various spheres of law
  • 100% guarantee of timeliness of delivery of ready decisions


  • 38,472 divorces during 2019 in Ukraine
  • 4,297 number of divorces in Kyiv, the leader among Ukrainian cities
  • every sixth family divorces


Services in the field of Family disputes and conflicts

Comprehensive legal assistance, protection of rights and interests in marriage and family disputes and conflicts:

  • divorce;
  • collection of alimony;
  • division of property that is the common joint property of the spouses;
  • recognition of the fact of cohabitation without marriage registration;
  • adoption;
  • the participation of parents in the upbringing of the child;
  • establishing the origin of the child and challenging paternity;
  • deprivation of parental rights.

Related services in the field of family disputes and conflicts

Family mediator services are a great way to resolve family disputes quickly, confidentially, and without costly and lengthy litigation.

During mediation, the parties to a family conflict meet in the presence of professional mediator, in order to find and make decisions based on the interests of each party, through negotiations.

Under any circumstances, family mediation improves communication between the parties, helps them to be heard, focuses on children’s need.

As a result, the relationship ends less traumatically, and mediation decisions are mutually beneficial.

How to survive a divorce? How to divide common property? How to protect your interests if a husband and wife have different views on property fair division?

These are the top issues that are most actively discussed among friends and on the Internet, because such issues affect many of us.

According to stress scale, the gap between husband and wife was put in second place by psychologists after the death of one of the partners. Separation results in tantrums, insults and even revenge related to property or children. But there are also encouraging scenarios for breaking up.

Our lawyers are always focused on the effective resolution of a family dispute in which our client remains nervous and calm.


For example, in one of the cases, the Client was not against a divorce initiated in court by a husband, but did not want the divorce to take place before a certain event in the child’s life. In addition, the Client was not satisfied with the terms of property division proposed by her husband – she was afraid that the payment of the cash equivalent of half the value of joint property would take years.

DEGA’s lawyers applied many procedural measures in case of divorce, in addition to initiating legal proceedings on the Client’s application for the division of the spouses’ property.

As a result, the court’s decision to divorce was postponed for more than 9 months, the Client’s husband refused to manipulate the interests of the child, and the couple signed an agreement on property joint division, under which the Client received the full amount of money.

Thus, the Client’s rights were fully protected and the interests were maximally satisfied.

In family disputes, we always recommend seeking professional help from a lawyer in a timely manner.

Our lawyers will advise on any family situation, propose the best strategy and outcome of the dispute, draw up the relevant procedural documents and protect your interests in court.