DEGA Partners supports volunteers who bring Ukraine’s victory closer.

DEGA Partners’ corporate practice team provided a full range of services on a pro bono basis for drafting constituent documents and supporting the state registration of the Charitable Foundation.

The Foundation was established to provide assistance to military hospitals, state medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, including by replacing outdated medical equipment with new ones, purchasing and/or supplying the necessary medical equipment, including: surgical, diagnostic, laboratory, physiotherapy, sterilisation, resuscitation, therapeutic, rehabilitation, ophthalmic and dental devices, medical equipment for antenatal clinics, equipment for pediatric and neonatal departments, as well as auxiliary aids, including gurneys, wheelchairs, couches, medical furniture and furniture to optimise the work of hospitals and clinics, dressing material, consumables for medical equipment and for medical procedures, and medical products.

Everything will be Ukraine!