DEGA PARTNERS wins the domain dispute. Protection of intellectual property of German concern WILO

Another victory for the DEGA PARTNERS lawyers team is the protection of the intellectual property of the WILO brand. WILO Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of premium pumps and pump systems for the service, water and industrial sectors.

The Commercial Court of Kyiv upheld the legal position of the lawyers of the law firm “DEGA PARTNERS” in the domain dispute and adopted a decision to stop the infringement of intellectual property rights of the Client – the German concern WILO SE in Ukraine, which has been supplying modern pumping equipment for energy efficient comprehensive solutions.

The court is obliged to stop the offender from unlawfully, without any authority to use in the domain name and on the pages of the website of the online store trademarks belonging to the Customer for goods and services.

In addition, the registrar of the domain name of the offending person is obliged to re-delegate such a domain name in favor of the Client – the trademark owner.

In addition, the infringer of intellectual property rights was charged all court costs incurred by the Client during and in connection with the domain dispute in the Commercial Court of Kyiv, including the costs of professional legal assistance.

Thus, the highly professional work of the DEGA Partners team helped to restore the intellectual property rights of the well-known international concern WILO SE, which have long been violated on the Internet (in the domain name and on the pages of the online store).